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Weight Loss in 60

Losing weight when you are not actually trying to, by dieting, is abnormal. There are many different causes of weight loss,diabetes mellitus, most of which have nothing to do with cancer, but sometimes unexpected weight loss can be a sign that there is an underlying cancer. As unexplained weight loss is always abnormal your mother should arrange to go and see her family doctor (GP) for a check up.

When your mother sees her GP her or she will ask her questions about her health and examine her and may take some routine blood tests.

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Weight loss alone does not mean that there is a cancer present but if there are other symptoms as well as the weight loss these make it more likely that there might be a cancer.

The Department of Health has recently given guidelines to GPs about people who come to them with weight loss.Related articles and advices - ACNM's Opitmality Working Group Honored by Lamaze. These say that the doctor should arrange an urgent referral to a hospital specialist for anyone who has weight loss and two, or more, of the following symptoms:

- tiredness which does not go away
- heavy sweats at night
- breathlessness
- bruising with no obvious cause
- itching
- infections that keep coming back
- pain in the bones

The guidelines also say that anyone who has weight loss and indigestion which has started recently should also have an urgent referral.

An urgent hospital appointment usually means that the specialist will see your mother within two weeks and birth control pills brands.

When your mother sees the specialist they will take a full medical history and examine her.I'm online at social network: medical dictionary online Depending on what the doctor discovers there are then likely to be some more specialised tests, which may take a week or two to complete, before they can finally make a diagnosis. These tests may include blood tests, x-rays and scans.

If these tests do show that your mother's loss of weight is due to a cancer then further treatment might involve an operation to take it away or it may mean some radiotherapy or chemotherapy, depending on the exact type of the cancer and its size.

Even though the chances are that your mother's loss of weight isn't due to cancer unexplained weight loss is still abnormal and should always be looked into so do make sure she sees her GP as soon as possible.


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